This game is made by Konami in the year 1988. This is a sci-fi-shooter. You move with the stick, with the button you shoot. The screen is horizontal scrolling, you fly from left to right. Later the screen scrolls in all directions. This game is after "Nemesis" the third part of this series. There are extra-weapons in this game. New in this part are the protection-shield or the guided missiles.

This is a nice game. Very important are the extras, if you collect more capsules, you can choose a better weapon. Big enemies are not only at the end of the level. This game is much better than the predecessor "Nemesis". The graphics are very good. In the first level are flame planets which throw fire. It is good that you can now fly in all directions, so you can dodge the aliens better. And you dont crash on the ceiling or the ground.
The controls are good, it is good to play. There is music in the whole game.

I played it the second half of November 2019