This game is made by Atari in the year 1988. You control a man in a swim tire through a river. You move with the stick, with the buttons you paddle. There are some chests in the river which bring you points. At the border are enemies which shoot on you, you can shoot them with beercans. On the route are junctions and waterfalls. In this game is a 2-Player-Mode. The background is scrolling so fast like you paddle.

In this game you dont paddle with one button, the one is for the left arm, the other for the right. I is a funny idea with the swim tire and the paddling. But the controls need some practice. After a while the background-gfx is changing. First you are in a forest, then comes an industrial area and then southamerica. Later come levels on mars and in hell. There are many different enemies. You can play it cautious or fast.
The controls are ok, it is good to play. There is music in the whole game.

I played it the second half of September 2019