This game is made by Konami in the year 1988. This is a boxing-game. You move with the stick, with the two buttons you can make several hits and with the third button you make your defence. In the begin you can select your strength, speed and condition. The sprites look nice, they are really big. There is a 2-Player-Mode. Each enemy has his own tactics. The first enem is easy, you must get him in the corner and hit often.

This is a nice game. You can make many moves. When you get down you must press very often the button to stand up. This goes only two-times, when you fall to the third you lose a fight. There is a continue-function. After each two rounds you can upgrade the ability of your fighter. The audience in the background is animated. The first two enemies are easy, then it gets hard.
The controls are good, it is good to play. There is music in the game.

I played it the second half of April 2020