This game is made by Namco in the year 1988. This is an action-game. You move with the stick, with the one button you hit, with the other button you jump. This is a horror-game. Sometimes you wind a weapon, the first is a knife. In one room are magic chairs which are moving towards you. The music is very atmosferic. You have an energy-bar with four hearts.

This is a very good game. Athough it is only hack'n'slay it makes much fun to see the next level of the splatterhouse. The first level is no problem, it gets harder in the cellar. When you are too long in a level a purple cloud comes and steals a heart of you. This game is a Hit for any horror-fan. The last section of a level is well thought through. There are also magic knives which are flying towards you. There is an intro where your mask is flying over you.
The controls are good, it is good to play. There is music in the game.

I played it the first half of April 2020