This game is made by Tecmo in the year 1988. Here you play a helicopter, the screen is horizontal scrolling. The game has seven levels. You have bombs and a cannon. The enemies are other helicopters and aeroplanes, and guided missiles are hunting you. There are extras like a protection shield or smart-bombs. At the end of each level is a endboss waiting for you. If you are playing 2-Player-Mode, the other man plays a jeep.

This game has nothing new, but when you are searching a solid action-game, you are right here. I never played with a friend, it must make much fun. But sometimes there are too many enemies on the screen, it is a problem to dodge them. The graphic is ok, but for arcade-coin-op not superb. It is sad, that in the game are not much extras. Sometimes there are tanks landing from the sky. It is a good tip to be permanetly in movement, dont remain at one position. This game is no burner, but it makes fun for a short while.
The controls are good, it is good to play. There is music in the game.

I played it the whole August 2019