This game is made by Konami in the year 1989. This is a puzzle-game. With the stick you move, with one button you shoot. There are coming from the top falling tetris-blocks. You must shoot this blocks that they are filled. When the pieces are rectangles they disappear. When a block reaches the bottom you lose. Another name for this game is "Quarth".

This is a good game. You need fast thinking and good reactions. In this game are extras. You are shooting with a spaceship which you can move from left to right. You can complete more than one piece to a rectangle. When you delete more than one piece you get more points and better extras. Extras are: faster shoot, blocks shortly stoppable, whole screen delete and the velocity of the falling pieces reduce. There are different spaceships with different moving-speed and shooting-speed.
The controls are good, it is good to play. There is music in the game.

I played it the first half of June 2020