This game is made by Konami in the year 1990. This is an actiongame for the movie. With the stick you move, with one button you shoot, with another button you crouch and shoot. You can get extraweapons like missiles or double-fire. In the space-station is a child with a puppet running. This game has a little intro. It is the first time that Konami made a game to a movie. You must destroy the net of alien-eggs in the colony Archeron.

This is a good game. There is much action on the screen. The aliens from left and right. But you are not playing Ripley (Signourey Weaver). In the end you must kill the queen of the aliens. There are also zombies in the six levels of the game. The sprites look nice and are big. All weapons have auto-fire.
The controls are good, it is good to play. There is music in the begin.

I played it the second half of May 2020