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Dungeon Explorer II


You are caught in a small dungeon with 4 other persons. Find the way out!
w,a,s,d - moving, mouse - looking, shift-key - running, e - interact



You are swimming deep undersea. Avoid the fishes! You can collect coins (points), superman-logo (invincible for a while) and s-rockets (speed-up)
Control: w,a,s,d



You have birthday! And as a special gift your hometown transforms to a DreamIsland. During the game it is switchting between this chocolate-valley and your boring town.



You have a farm. You start with 10 Dollar. You can buy seeds and plant them. Then you must water them. After watering you must wait a while. Later you can buy the waterman, then you can water so much you want without waiting. There is a plane flying and can destroy your plant. So it is good not to set all in one plant only, plant multiple! When the plant is grown you sell it and get more money. You can play lottery, too.



You are on a mission in 1939 in France
Story by Michael J Nurney
Controls: Mouse, player moves with cursor-keys
I have made for my adventures an own engine in javascript.

Scary Man


You travel with your car at night, but you lose your way. In the end you are in a tight forest. But you are not alone! The Scary Man is hunting you!!! As fast as possible you must find the carkey, which you lost, and drive away....

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